Color of Change

Dates: June 2022-April 2023

Black History Now Series


This series began with a piece on women’s history that I received. I wanted to focus on Black women who had been overlooked in history and align it with the non-profit’s theme of Black History. This was the first installment of what I planned to be a series.

This was the video that was published (as linked here). Around that time, their number of average views was 18,000 to 30,000. This generated 115K views, and the engagement rate was around double what it was normal.

BHNS: Carmen Murphy

This was the first video I produced for Color of Change by myself. The idea originated with Roe V Wade being overturned. I wanted to do a campaign that brought back the Women’s Suffrage movement but never got to pitch it. Unfortunately, it never got posted due to breaking news in the world.

I collaborated on the script but gathered all the information. I did all the editing on this video; this was one of my favorite projects.

BHNS: Mamie Johnson

This was the last project I got to produce before the company was doing layoffs.

Black History Now Awards

For this award show, I assisted as an Associate Producer. I helped with the pre-production and production of this event.
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