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Who Am I?: Stefanie Alaimo Edition

My Story

I began working in production with Visual Barz when I was in high school. They helped me discover the many possibilities in this field, as I had always wanted to create my own content. After graduating from high school, I enrolled in St. John’s University for TV/Film to learn the skills I needed to succeed in this industry. While I was at St. John’s, I interned at a production company in the city called True Film Productions. After earning my degree (and surviving the COVID lockdown), I landed a job as a PA for the TV show FBI. I learned a lot in the two years I worked there. Then, I became an Associate Producer creating social media content at Color of Change. I never expected that this job would show me how limitless my potential was.

I have a growth mindset. I think learning new things is essential as things get more complex. I rarely say “it can’t be done” (unless there are time or resource constraints) because I can learn to overcome challenges.

List of Books I’m Reading:

List of Courses I’m Taking:

-Rich Dad Poor Dad
-12 Rules for Life

-After Effects Master Class
-Social Media Marketing & Management Master Class 2024

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